CompCord Ensemble
Music & Myth
The New West Electronic Arts & Music Festival
Downtown Central Library in San Diego, CA
April 8th @ 8pm

Procrustean Bed (2016)

Melissa Grey (composer/Merlin/live processing)
Nicole Antebi (animation)
Lynn Bechtold (violin)

Procrustean Bed, a performance for violin, Merlin, and live processing, with animation by the artist Nicole Antebi, is a collaborative work based on the myth of Procrustes, the subduer, the stretcher, the rogue metalworker who either cut or stretched his guests’ legs to fit the specific size of an iron bed. The phrase is used in several disciplines to convey an arbitrary standard to which exact conformity is forced. Merlin, performed by Melissa Grey, is a handheld computer game from the late 1970s that was one of the earliest digital sequencers. In Music Machine mode, there is a limit of 48 pitches. This constraint, in addition to structured improvisation performed by Lynn Bechtold, violin, will be subdued or stretched to fit our procrustean bed.

Thank you to the School of Media Studies, The New School, NYC, for assistance with funding travel to San Diego.

Nicole Antebi works in non-fiction animation, motion graphics, installation while simultaneously connecting and creating opportunities for other artists through larger curatorial and editorial projects such as Water, CA and Winter Shack. Her work has been shown in many unusual places including Hive House Los Angeles, High Desert Test Sites, The Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, Teeny Cine’s converted trailer, Portable Forest, a Texas Grain Silo and in the cabin of a capsized ship at Machine Project in Los Angeles. She was the 2015 animator-in-residence at Circuit Bridges, New York and was recently awarded a Jerome Foundation Grant in Film/Video for a forthcoming animated film about El Paso and Ciudad Juàrez set in the early 90’s. She teaches part time at CUNY Staten Island and Parsons The New School for Design.

Lynn Bechtold, Dan Cooper, Melissa Grey, Peter Jarvis, Mark Kostabi, Lukas Ligeti, Gene Pritsker.

CompCord Ensemble:
Lynn Bechtold - violin, Mark Kostabi - piano
Gene Pritsker - guitar, Dan Cooper - bass, Lukas Ligeti - drums